JK/SK Helpers

The JK/SK students will require a Grade 5/6 Helper.
This person should be:

– patient
– responsible to stay on task and focus on their job
– committed to this position (ex. please apply only if you intend to come all year)
– able to assist them with placing indoor shoes in bucket, doing zippers up, tying shoes/boots
– willing to help children pack their backpacks and put them on their backs
– ready to ensure children are in the correct bus lines

If you believe that you could learn to do this job, please post a reply that answers the following question:

What skills and experiences do you think you have that would help you to do this job well?


  1. When I was in grade four, I helped with JK and SK by getting them ready. I am never late. If I had this job, it would be good because I will be on time. I am good leader. The kindergartens need someone who is a good leader like me. I will act the way that you want the kids to act. They will follow what I am doing. I don’t quit things. Last time, I kept going until the teacher didn’t need me anymore. Now that I am in grade five, I think I will be even better because I am older and I did this job before. Autumn

  2. Ayden
    I want to help because I have time to do it. I don’t take the bus, so I am here after school. And, I’m great with kids.

  3. Noah: If you give me this job opportunity, you need to know these things. One, I will not only always be on time and willing to do my responsibility, but I work good with younger kids. I had a reading buddy last year and my reading buddy would want me back any day. Also, I have a younger brother, so I had to take care of a younger kid my whole life. I will also be committed to whatever I’m asked to do and whatever I need to do. This job will be good for my skills as a brother and as a leader, because next year I will be gone to Superior Heights and I will be the younger one in the school. This will also be good because I like to be around younger kids than me and next year I wont be able to. So, this will be a good chance. I also know how, and I am skilled at tying shoes. So, I can be able to tie their shoes. And, I can help with, zipping jackets, putting on boots and hats. And, I can help to get them to their bus stop on time so they won’t have to worry about missing their bus. Also, because I go on a bus everyday of the week. Please consider my commitment and my promises. Also, please know that I am responsible. Have a wonderful day.

  4. I think I should be a JK/SK helper because I am helpful, kind, patient and nice!
    But, whoever you chose, I think it’s great to get the 5/6’s to help because they are little and struggling to get ready on time. This way, the teachers aren’t running around and stressing themselves because there are so many kids. Everyone will be ready to go out the door on time!
    by Jessica

  5. Last year, we had reading buddy’s, and we sometimes had the chance to go to the park with them. And, we had to help them get ready when we did. I had fun and really want to help kids get ready because they are so cute. I also have experience with little kids because of my little brother. I also can be a great role model, and I will try my very best every day. I will help them as much as I can. I hope I can get the job, and the chance to help out! Jade 6

  6. By Erin- I will not fool around and if you pick me, I will make sure that everyone is ready for their bus.

    -I will be patient. I did the job last year, so I know some of the kids.
    -I will not fool around like some people, and I love little kids, so you know that I will do the job.

    You should know-
    -people on my bus are in that class, so when the bell rings I can take them to the bus
    -I will be on task.
    – I am able to put shoes in a bucket and I know how to do zippers.
    -I know most of the students so it will be able to know whose mailbag is whose.
    -I will make sure by asking the teacher who is in what bus line if I’m not sure
    -So, to tell you again, I have done it already, so I know what I have to do to get them in the right bus.

  7. I would love to help the JK/SK class by getting them ready to go home. It would be a pleasure to help the kindergarten students. Plus, my sister is in this class. I will be patient. I will make sure everyones things are hooked up, and I’ll make sure that the JK/SK’s try to get along and be nice. So, Ms. P., please let me be one of the helpers! 😀

    (this was by Airick)

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    thank you ayneda

    • Google translation-I want to help them because their teacher needs help, especially in the winter because the time it takes the little ones. I have patience, and caring so I want to help them. I am a good leader that will motivate the kids.
      Thank You, Ayneda

    • Updated comment from Ayenda-
      Dear JK/SK Teachers

      I want to help them because the primary students need help,especially in the winter. I am a good leader and a positive role model. I like to help little kids. I believe that this position would benifit me and help me to learn the English language better! I will be on time and enjoy this job! Please consider me for this position.



  9. I should get this job because I’m responsible and I babysit little kids all the time. They love me. I’m kind, nice, cool, and patient. Also, I used to have a job at this school. It was to help the librarian with books. I put them on the shelves and helped with the book fairs. Also, I took a babysitting program for 1 to 5 year olds. I love kids, I respect kids and I’m always on time and never late. Also, I get picked up, so I have time to help. This is why I should be one of the kids who helps the cute kindergartens. This is Khristopher.

  10. -I can be patient

    -I will not quit

    -I can help my little brother

    -I did this job last year

    -It was fun

    -I would love to do it again

    -I can be responsible and stay on task

    -I can help take the kids to their bus

    from: Jade (5)

  11. Hi, I think that I would be a good pick for the job because I did it last year along with three other girls from this class. So, I will not be late or distracted. I will help them with their backpacks and make sure that they have everything that they need to bring home. I will also help them to get to their bus line on time. Also, I am sort of responsible. I will like the job because I have a friend in SK, so it will be super fun for me. I hope you pick me. By the way, this is from Jennifer. 😊

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