Winter Olympics, 2002

Prior to learning about Growth Mindset theory, there have been so many times in my life that I just felt like giving up on goals that seemed impossible.  Can you think of a time that you stooped down to visit that same dark place?   I truly believe that we’ve all been there once or twice!  What do you do?  How do you respond to these challenges?  Well, for me, it varies.  As I think back, I wonder.  Do I strive to achieve my goals?  Sometimes, I have given up.  Other times, I have kept working away.  Digging down, finding the determination or “grit” to fight harder.  I tried my best.  The end result?  It may, or may not have been a “first place” every time.  But, growth mindset theory has taught me that I have accomplished something greater.  The ultimate win just may be that the final outcome when you try your hardest is that you become better at the skills you are trying to improve.  What are your thoughts on the videos?  What kinds of things were you thinking as you watched the students and athletes?


  1. I really like the ice skating video. It was so unexpected that the guy in last won. It was also unexpected that big crash happened.

  2. For the athletes, I think the message is “don’t give up”.
    The video with student gave some good advice.

  3. I like the athlete video because its cool at the end, four people wipe out. The green guy, which is the slowest and in last place, wins. He’s slow, and he came in first. It’s so funny and cool, but it wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t keep trying.

    I think he thought he was gonna lose the race because he’s slow. If he gave up, he wouldn’t have won. But, it turned around, he kept working hard and he won.

  4. #1- It’s a cool video, I like when the kids tell you what they don’t give up on.
    #2- In the video, I think its funny when the last skater is in the back the whole time until the very end when the person in first place falls and crashes and knocks out everyone but the last one. So, the last one wins the race.

  5. I liked the video of the kids because it shows not to give up, and to try, try, try again.

  6. How did they fall? I want to know how they felt when they ran into the wall. Imagine being in that race.

  7. That was a pretty good post Mrs P! 🙂

  8. The second video was the best video .🙂😸 I liked when you played the second video.😸😸😸.

  9. Good Advice!

  10. In the race at the skating rink, they all fell but the slowest won. It reminds me of the saying “slow and steady wins the race.” It is true Jade and Kathleen!!

  11. Inspiring!

  12. In the first video, I agree that if we try, we can do things better. And, in the second video, the last part was super funny! XD

  13. Video 1; In my opinion, I think they’re all right because if you keep an open mind and work hard, you can get better at anything that you imagine!

    Video 2; It must take a lot of courage to keep going in that race when you are losing. That just tells me how much of an open mind he had!

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