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The Next Generation Leahy

Our class went to the Kiwanis Music festival today.  We saw the music by The Next Generation Leahy.  The music festival was awesome.  I had a lot of fun.  He thanked us, and we had to return back to school.  I got to go and it was amazing because they play violin, piano, accordion, and guitar in the band.  We rode in the bus with Mr. Poluk.

Thank you, Ryan

Winter Olympics, 2002

Prior to learning about Growth Mindset theory, there have been so many times in my life that I just felt like giving up on goals that seemed impossible.  Can you think of a time that you stooped down to visit that same dark place?   I truly believe that we’ve all been there once or twice!  What do you do?  How do you respond to these challenges?  Well, for me, it varies.  As I think back, I wonder.  Do I strive to achieve my goals?  Sometimes, I have given up.  Other times, I have kept working away.  Digging down, finding the determination or “grit” to fight harder.  I tried my best.  The end result?  It may, or may not have been a “first place” every time.  But, growth mindset theory has taught me that I have accomplished something greater.  The ultimate win just may be that the final outcome when you try your hardest is that you become better at the skills you are trying to improve.  What are your thoughts on the videos?  What kinds of things were you thinking as you watched the students and athletes?

Things I love:

(translated from Arabic to English using google translate)
انا احب :




4)مادة الرياضيات



7)كرة القدم

8)كرة السلة

9)اللعب بالعاب التلفونات







16)معلمي ومعلمتي

17)الافلام كرتون

18)اللون الزهري

19)اللغة العربية

20)اللغة الانكليزية

21)اللغة الفرنسية

I love:

1) violin

2) reading

3) sports

4) mathematics

5) music

6) my family

7) football

8) basketball.

9) playing telephone games

10) songs

11) school.

12.) rabbits

13) birds

14 friends

15) flowers

16) my mentor and my teacher.

17) cartoon films

18) pink

19) Arabic language

20) English

21) French