Growth Mindset

Grade 5/6 students have been learning to believe that their intelligence and abilities can grow through personal effort. ¬†They are trying to feel motivated to “get smart,” knowing that effort maximizes ability!!


Activity- Share an example of how you have worked on improving your mindset this year. (“I used to think…” and “Now, I think…”)


  1. I used to think “I am never going to be able to do a cartwheel!”
    Now, I think “I’m not able to do a cartwheel yet. I will work hard at it. I will get better at this!”

  2. I used to say “I can’t draw”
    Now, I say “I’ll try hard to draw and I will get better at it”

  3. I used to think “I am never going to improve at soccer” now I say “I’m not good yet through the 8 years I have been playing, but I’m still going to try and get better!”

  4. I used to say “I can’t do school, it’s hard!”
    Now I say “I can do school. It’s now kind of easy because I work harder.”

  5. I used to say that I can’t draw.
    But, now I say I can’t draw yet, but I’m going to keep trying!

  6. I used to say “I can’t do a back flip”
    Now I say “I can do it if I try hard enough”
    (P.S. I can do a back flip now because of my hard work, lol)

  7. I used to say “I cant draw at all, but now I say I’m not that bad because I’m practicing. I’m still going to work on it to keep getting better!

  8. Hi!!!! I used to say I am horrible at drawing,

    but now I say……. WOWW, id I just draw that???????

  9. I used to say I cant read! Now, I know that I can say I am so good at reading that it’s like i have eagle vision. This is all because I practice.

    • I said once that this question is too hard to read.
      Now, I know that I can say the questions are easy to read because I practiced.

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    Marsupial1 is me Trin ok?

  11. Trin’s poem the trukey was so amazing it tasted like jerky Ya!!!!!!!!!!!

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